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Court cases don’t have to be ugly or ruin you financially

You may hear a lot of horror stories from people insisting that dealing with the courts is a horrible process, but it doesn’t have to be. The right lawyer can help negotiate a positive outcome and limit your risks and legal exposure so that you can move on with your life.

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Why we are the right firm for you

A big part of why cases go wrong is when clients go into their cases unrepresented and don’t understand their rights or know where they may need help.

You can’t know what you don’t know! Cases also often go wrong because of the techniques (or lack of techniques) that the attorneys use in their cases. We are right for your case and different from other law firms because:

  • We provide representation for whatever type of case that might be right for you, including direct party-to-party negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.
  • Our firm is completely client focused. This means we will always guide you through your case in the way that is most beneficial to you, based upon the outcomes that are most important to you.
  • Over the years, because of our extensive knowledge of North Carolina family, criminal and general civil law, we have earned the trust of Triangle residents in need of legal counsel. In the process, Rojas Legal Services has gained a reputation as an extremely effective legal advocate for clients in Wake, Johnston, Durham, Orange, and other surrounding counties.
  • Not many law firms in the Triangle can offer bilingual staff, but we are able to speak to you in Spanish or English, to make sure we understand your story thoroughly and not lose details in translation.